Are you tired of manually managing the data for your alumni association's soccer tournament? Look no further, as Buildal has the solution for you.

Introducing LeagueX, a digital product designed to help school alumni associations manage their soccer tournament data with ease. With LeagueX, you can easily keep track of player stats, history, and team and player profiles.

The product has a public-facing website and an admin dashboard that can be self-hosted, allowing you to have full control over your data. And the best part? LeagueX is currently running the St. Joseph's Vocational School OBs football league on, so you can see it in action before implementing it for your own association.

But that's not all. Buildal, the Kampala-based software development firm behind LeagueX, is ready to help your association roll out the product and make the most of its features. From training and support to customizations and integrations, Buildal has you covered.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve the management of your soccer tournament. Contact Buildal today to learn more about LeagueX and how it can help your alumni association.