Academan is a powerful digital tool designed to help mid-sized schools and colleges streamline and automate their student lifecycle management. With a sleek and user-friendly interface, Academan makes it easy for schools to manage admissions, grades, attendance, and graduation, all in one place. One of the key features of Academan is its public-facing website, which allows schools to easily showcase their programs and attract potential students. The website also provides a portal for students to apply for admission and track their application status.

On the back end, Academan offers a comprehensive school admin dashboard that allows administrators to easily manage student records, communicate with parents, and track academic progress. The dashboard is also fully customizable, allowing schools to tailor it to their unique needs and processes.

One of the key benefits of Academan is its flexibility. The product is available both as a hosted on-premise solution, as well as on a software as a service (SaaS) platform. This means that schools can choose the deployment option that best fits their budget and technical requirements.

As a Kampala-based software development firm, Buildal has extensive experience in helping schools roll out Academan. Our team of experts can provide training and support to ensure that schools get the most out of the product and can smoothly transition to its use.

Academan is a powerful and versatile digital tool that can help mid-sized schools and colleges streamline their student lifecycle management. With its public-facing website, customizable admin dashboard, and flexible deployment options, Academan offers a complete solution for managing student admissions, grades, attendance, and graduation. Buildal can help schools roll out Academan and provide the necessary training and support to ensure a smooth transition and successful implementation.